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Much like the idea of Mrs.Pacman, she gets eaten by ghosts, but when enraged the opposite happens, she eats all the ghosts. To put it into real life perspective when a pussy is being eaten out and the woman has had enough and becomes enraged she tries to gain retribution by chomping back. At this point in time the pussy is unstoppable and furious, it will do everything in its power to get him off. With extremely accurate and with a lethal force the pussy chomps its prey, eliminating the threat and providing nourishment and safety for the colony.
Patricia: Quickly someones home we have to stop!
Bob: Fuck that shit it's probably nothing
Patricia: I mean it! Stop right now!
Bob: MunchMunchMunchMunchMunch
Patricia: I'm warning you! You better stop right now!
Bob: Shut up you fucking whore!
(Pussy becomes enraged and lets loose a bloodthirsty pussychomp, ripping off all facial tissue off of Bob)
Patricia: I told you to stop!
(Bob Dies from blood loss)
(Patricia cleans up the body by devouring the remains with a canabalistic pussychomp swallowing Bob's whole body in one deadly strike.)
by Basti Oliver, Alec Clarke April 18, 2009
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