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1. the one who can satisfy all women, can be used as a compliment or referral to said sex god
2. n, sex god
3. Gandhis Pride
4. the man who represents everlasting satisfaction

commonly associated with the number five, or the number of the (sexy) beast

slang, from old hindi referring to 'ssima', to satisfy all, and 'puzzi' and 'PU__MANN', to be naked,
"I wish i was the PUSSIMANN"

"Oh, hes such a Pusiimann"

"That n00b, he acts like he actually comes close to being a pussimann, yet his sweat glands wont produce close to 1 ml rather than the litres of "Pussi-getting Juice"

Fo gandhis pride!

That HO Fo Sho (the bride of the pussimann)

That guy plays BROTRR like Pussimann plays his biatches!!
by Shakme September 12, 2007
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