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This girl is mostly the queen in high-school. Everybody loves her. Pusita means upper-class and polite but she is not very polite. She’s the nasty gal and the baddie. She is the hottest and sexiest gal you will ever meet. She seems like a really nice person but she’s not always. If you get into her bad side, you don’t wanna mess with her. She is unique in a good way. Pusita is amazing at rapping and thats why ppl love her. She gives ppl compliments and wouldn’t talk shit about ppl without knowing them. If ppl be talkin shit bout her, she will go up to them and ask why but sometimes she just doesn’t give a fuck. Pusita is a thot and admits it. If her bestie need help, she will have their backs. When you really know her, you know that she is soo funny that she will make you cry from laughter or piss yourself from laughing.People be making songs about her because they love her. Pusita is cool. She’s good wit boys. She is the bestest friend anyone could wish for.
-That's Pusita, she's soo nice. She commented soo many nice things on my recent.
Pusita- Hey :)
by Urbandictgal June 12, 2018
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Pusita~meaning raisen in spanish.She is the greatest person you will ever meet.She is drop dead sexy and is so funny that she makes your stomach ache and tears of laughter go down your face.Pusita also means tall and upper class.she is unique in a really fantastic way.Everyone loves her.she is the best friend you could wish for
Hey girl,have you met that sexy gal Pusita?
No,I have to though,she sounds so great
by Everyone loves pusita January 20, 2018
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