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A small, but long cylindric object used to push crack residue to end of the pipe enabling one last hit before the hunt for the next rock continues. Usually carried by the biggest fiend, but more often then not given to the rock buyer.

Ex. Small stick, car antenna, small screw driver, inside of an ink pen
Georgey is such a resourceful crack head a push rod is never far away.
by Shay Muny April 12, 2008
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Used to refer to an overhead valve (OHV) engine.

Often used as a term of derision by ricers for domestic V8 engines that are "overhead valve" designs with the cam inside the engine block as opposed to the cylinder heads.
Despite being a pushrod engine, the 5.0 has been modified to rev as high as 7000RPM and still pull strong at that speed.
by isoedin August 29, 2004
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A shit piece of mechanical engineering. It causes in engine to drop torque at high rev ranges, and is bad for fuel economy.

It also causes plenty of friction in the engine making it inefficient.

Anyone saying that its good becoz it still beats ricers is dumb.... becoz these people have 8.0 litre cars that guzzling the living crap outta petrol
see v8 and look for post by SIKUNT.
anonymous: i just got a new 10.8 litre Holden pushrod... makes 350 kw. Yeh thats a beaudy!!
Jimbo: YAWWW!! thats not good... pushrods r crappy rods that are no good and are primitive forms of technology.
anonymous: nah but listen to the sound of my car and the interior of my car.
Jimbo: INTERIOR?? thats got nothing to do with the pushrods.
anonymous: VRRROOMMMM!!! BANG!!! ooops my pushrods fell off.
by SIKUNT May 19, 2005
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