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An exclamation of fun, excitement or Vagina, used in the proper way you can disturb the people around you or ruin social events, spice up movies, lead the class into a big ol fun sing a long, or just shout it when ever the hell you fell it's necessary just but uttering those delightful words, PUSH WAH!!!!!!. If you are you tired of hearing your grandma's life when she was young EX: sonny when I was your age, I fucked till my pussy was as wide as Texas, my vagina sure took a smelting with ed's dick last night that I think it is now more like Alaska, what do you think?

Well instead of letting her talk, you could have just screamed Push wah, and left the room.

in a sense, Push wah is universal, sprinkle it over any sentence and you got a tasty push wah sandwich: did you see that new movie is was totally Push wah. I was at the mall last Push wah and this girl had her Push wah showing, it was big and succulent, it made my lips water with the sensation to strip down and Push Wah her all night.
man this is good burger...PUSH WAH!!!!!!!

hey did you throw that at me? um no, PUSH WAH!!!!

damn that girls PUSH WAH is fucking big.

PUSH WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by MetallicA FaN! February 05, 2009
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