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Usually mistaken for unicorns. Purple horses are one of our biggest threats because they eat brains. They live in vases (kind of like genies) and are known to be purple.

The only known way to kill a purple horse is to cut of it's tail and then make it into won tons that go in a soup that you then feed to the horse. No tests with guns or knives have been conducted as of yet because the soup one was more practical.
person a) aww! look at that cute purple unicorn! lets go pat it!
person b) noo! that's a purple horse! it'll eat your brains!
person b) timmy! noooo
person a) my brains are being eaten!

horse) mmm BRAIIINZZ!
person b)Ah well, I never really liked timmy all that much in the first place.

person c) yeah. neither did I. Thanks purple horse.
by chickensnub December 04, 2009
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