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Basically Everclear, plenty of water, and plenty of punch mix. Make the mix so it isn't too watery, too sweet, or too bitter. Basically, make it like 5 - 10 % alcohol, mostly water, and add about 5 - 15% punch. Adapt the recipe as needed.

Oh, it called Purple Passion Punch for a reason. It makes people more... passionate.

Especially the ladies, who generally weigh less then the guys.
Gal 1 - WOOO YEAH, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN *intense giggling, takes of shirt and swings it around*
Gal 2 - Whoa there, whats gotten into you?
Guy 1 - I think she had a bit too much Purple Passion Punch.

Guy 2 - *hic* Yeah, she needs to a.... *hic* I forgot. Not only is my bad memory a problem, my bad memory is a problem.
by Ol' Rocklike Rock March 27, 2015
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