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A drink invented by two young men in Kokomo, Indiana. Originally, a non-alcoholic beverage, the drink contained Welch's grape soda (hence, the name purple) and whipped cream. Later, upon reaching legal drinking age, they decided to add a twist... a "McTwirple Twist" as it would later be named. The McTwirple Twist was simply the addition of a small amount of grenadine and a large amount of cheap vodka.

Although its name implies that the drink has German origins, it actually isn't available there. It was tested in France and Mexico, with little success. Its most successful trials took place on university campuses across the U.S., namely Purdue University and Indiana University.

A marketing campaign is currently in the works with the tag line, "endorsed by llamas". The drink has yet to hit shelves, but could as soon as 2009.
We mixed up a couple of Purple Florgens to quench our thirst.
by Bill B. and C. Jack December 20, 2007
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