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Purple ass juice is a purple sticky liquid that leaks out of the buttocks.
It's usually produced as a result of having unprotected anal sex and the anal sphincter muscles tearing. If the individual who's 'giving' has an STI or has bad hygiene, the area could become infected, causing the teared area to swell and fill will liquid. If anything passes through the anus while the sphincter is swollen, it will rupture and a purple liquid will leak from the swollen area.

The liquid's colour is very similar to the colour of beetroot. It's texture is similar to jam, and it has a putrid smell.

Purple Ass Juice cannot be treated by any remedies or drugs, if one has Purple ass juice, one will have to wait for the body to fix the issue by itself.

It is a very painful experience and can cause the sufferer to become extremely emotional and even suicidal, especially if the sufferer fucked a male prostitute to spite their Filipino boyfriend who had just dumped them.
Jimbob: Eh, me no wanna be with you no more. Me wanna be fwend. me no love you, me fuck you for good time. Me say bye.

*Dumpee has anal sex with male prostitute out of anger*

Purple Ass Juice victim: Oh shit, I've got purple ass juice dribbling down my arse, now I want to jump off a bridge. Boo hoo.
by Green_Vagina_(.Y.) February 26, 2012
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