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An eggplant that got bruised. Legitimately. Someone was punching an eggplant. For cooking reasons, of course. After, the eggolant was charbroiled and fried. Lemon, paprika, pepper, garlic salt, and milk was added after the charbroiling and frying. That eggplant now perfectly cooked and seasoned, in the best way, is served on a tray and brought to someone to eat. "Purple Gabe" can mean two different things. The first: the person eating the eggplant liked it and requested another one. The second: the person didn't like the concoction and went to the bathroom to vomit. That vomit was white and that person was suspicious so they went to confront you about their white puke. You said that your wrist slipped and added too much salt. Obviously, you were lying. Instead of salt, you put garlic salt, so it wasn't that. It was the milk. You put too much milk.
"Hey! How was your day at Buckingham Palace? Did you cook?"
"Yeah! It was great. And yes, I did cook."
"What did you make?"
"I gave the queen a good 'ol Purple Gabe."
"What definition of Purple Gabe."
"The one where they request another Purple Gabe."
"Oh! Good job!"
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by Purple Gabe YT February 11, 2018
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