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A person with the name Purefoy will usually be lovely, though a little bit on the nutty side. Akin to a possum on LSD, that's then had electroshock therapy. Purefoy's have a tendency to fantasise about marriage to fictional characters and have an extreme aversion to harmless insects. They require constant attention and don't have many boundaries. They rarely have a sexual preference: anything goes with a Purefoy. Men, women, animals, vegetables, you name it. They're also good at SEX. Purefoy is their name, Harry Potter is their game. They would make excellent adoptive parents to ferrets, provided that they didn't have a forgetful moment and forget that ferrets existed. They always have condoms, and usually several arrests. They also have severe Tourettes. Should you meet a Purefoy, you have two options. 1: Become their best friend. 2: Run in the opposite direction. Unless you're extremely dedicated, I recommend option 2. (But option 1 is the best)
If you hear: Fatty fatty fatty! It's a Purefoy.
by Elefontischa. August 18, 2011
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