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Creatures of unknown origin which are kept under strict confinement and released under specific assignment during times of extreme exertion or times when extreme emotional assistance is required. These caged critters choose to run wild and give their respective owners additional strength and confidence. Once the task is completed the "maniacs" are returned to their respective cages. In order to obtain full power the puntamaniacs need to be summoned only a few hours prior to the task where greater powers are needed – a rattle on their cages will sustain their attention. Extreme caution must be taken when the cages are opened to not interfere in the running wild.
Bill Y Ard is running the PARE and requires extreme power so the puntamaniacs are standing waiting for instruction. Hours before the physical, the puntamaniacs are awakened by rattling their cages. In order to gain full strength the puntamaniacs must run wild simultaneously.
by Mestoire Beau October 16, 2008
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