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A super-sized cup of tea, made in the traditional Australian way; milky, sweet and leave the bag in mate.
"Oi mate,make us a punna wouldya?"

"Crikey, it's punna time already. Let's leave the rest of this kangaroo shearing until tomorrow!"
"Quick! Alf is coming! Where's his punna?"says Steve Irwin. Wally, who is in a desperate hurry, breathlessly says,"Igotit!! Got it Steve-o! 'Sokay". The dungeon door squeaks open and the sound of descending footsteps fills the dungeon with its rhythymic terror. The croc hunter peers into the cup then looks at Wally and tensely whispers,"Wally, you wally! Ya took the damn bag out!! You'll never escape Alfs' Rape Dungeon with that sort of slip-up!"
by slaptack September 08, 2015
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