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an organization that is led by a group of spoiled, arrogant, entitled people with no respect for anyone. The group is led by the loudest and most ignorant ass of the group and has told so many half-truths to get what it wants that it has sacrificed credibility to its members and to those outside. It is easily recognized by a loud, ignorant chant of its own name shouted by its members while pounding their own chests. They take pride in having absolutely no honor and promoting a bullying environment.
That labor union is a punkocracy. Look at the way they told almost half the story but chose not to include the real truth. At least I still get to pay them to represent me; no, lie to me; no, represent me. It all means the same, as long as I pay. Hopefully I get to stay long enough to skim the benefits for myself. "The Brotherhood"
by Francis the wise (ass) February 13, 2018
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