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A rapper who uses his lyrical skill (or lack there of) to sway the listener away from the central theme (or lack there of) of the musical presentation. Following the formula of "rhyming just to rhyme" the rapper will awe you with jaw dropping punchlines, showing that his or her musical presentation may or may not have any meaning behind it.
Mississippi based rapper, Tha Joker is notoriously known for his punchlines. With his wide array of lyrical skill, some may argue that his music has no meaning behind it. In his song entitled "Skinny Jeans", Joker proceeds to rap about anything but the title at hand. Instead swaying punchline after punchline leading into the hook. The pattern continues from there...
The term "punchline rapper" could be debatable from there
by Mister Skittles October 27, 2010
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