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1. Exclamation of manliness; esp. after a particularly manly act
2. An exclamation used to establish one's status as the alpha male, and to put down any possible challengers.
3. To physically strike a bear in the mandibular region.

The word is highly versatile and adaptable to new situations. No matter, it gets the point across.
1. (After fighting off 10 ninjas) "PUNCHABEARINNAMOUF!"
2. Joe: Do you wanna fight?
Matt: Bitch, I Punchabearinnamouf!
Joe: Oh damn I was uh... just kidding!
And then Joe Runs away.
**Note: in some situations, one might place extra emphasis on the "bear" part of the word, just for extra authority.
3. Dave: We were camping and this bear tried to steal the fish that we just caught!
Phil: What did you do?
Dave: I Punchabearinnamouf!
by MTBrenzo December 03, 2008
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