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Hindi female name that translates to Guardian in English. A girl named Pun Mati may be persevering and independent but deep down she really just wants someone alleviate the weight on her shoulders. Someone to be dependant to not because she is unable to fend for herself but because she and her dependant are loving and trusting enough of each other to let each other be dependants. Pun Mati is also usually very beautiful and is stubborn to admit to it, so anyone that cares should remind her often.

A busy lifestyle and a plethora of friends usually envelop her time, smart girls don't sit around and do nothing after all! She will still always find a way to look good and dress snazzy though unnecessary with her natural good looks.
Guy 1: Hey that girl that helps you with your homework is pretty.
Guy 2: Don't yaar, that's Pun Mati.
Guy 1: I don't care... she's worth it.
Guy 2: Nah man get yourself a Kristy.
by Copolen November 07, 2010
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