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That one nut in every social group who drank so deeply from the nipple of madness that they vomit puns all over the place (see off his rocker), sometimes even going so far as to put themselves and others in physical danger for a pun.

If you get cancer they will be the first to make a crappy joke about your horoscope, if your asshole landlord kicks you out for "getting raccoons high in the stairwell" or some bullshit he's right there with a pun about homelessness.

Far from recoiling from the negative reactions of others, the pun rocker wears them as a badge of honor, evidence of a "job well pun".
Mark: "You know what's fucking intense? A camping holiday with your pimp"
Rob: "STFU Mark we literally just got stabbed by a pimp in a camper van!"
Mark: "Never! Within me flows the blood of a pun rocker! Actually it flows out of me too..."
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by Quan Chi Nuts November 11, 2018
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