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Pulpify - The art of pummeling a fruit, vegetable or other juiceable source to the effect that fleshy bits of the resource produce pulp.

Inflected Form(s): Pulpify(ing); Pulpif(ied); Pulpif(ies)

Different techniques of pulpifying could be but are not limited to include:
- Squeezing

- Punching

- Mechanical juicing

- Crushing

- Running over with a car

- Extracting

Pulpify was a term originally adapted in the 21st century by a brilliant entrepreneur, Dana Browne when she was trying to describe the process of adding pulp to a new invention that she and her inventing partner, Andrew Hirsch were discussing about. It came to Andrew's attention that pulpify was not a word acknowledged in the American english dictionary and that it should be added because it was such an important word.
To pulpify the lemon, squeeze the source tightly unitl pulp and juice is produced.
by murchinson June 03, 2010
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