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To ejaculate without warning as if preempting a more meaningful, but highly unlikely ejaculation in the future, much as the communist-dictating does in handling its diplomacy.

For visual stimulations that might lead to pulling a North Korea, Google "Kim Jong Il lesbian".
I'm gonna pull a North Korea on your ass and fire a warning shot, without protection.

Careful, I'm prone to pulling a North Korea without protection when I get excited.

Pulling a North Korea is a sure-fire way to prevent a visit to Planned Parenthood.

Dood 1: "Dude, how'd your night go last night?"
Dood 2: "I got caught pulling a North Korea without protection."
Dood 1: "What happens when you get caught?"
Dood 2: "America comes in and destroys your ass."
Dood 1: "That could get messy."
by Dr. Oops November 27, 2010
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