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pronunciation: pŏŏl-ing ah jeyn
1. The act of making plans, often without the intention of following through with them, and then backing out at the last minute.
2. Waking up the morning after an alcohol-induced black out next to a strange guy and having no clue where you are. Memory, clothes and dignity are usually nowhere to be found.
3. Drinking to the point you can no longer come up with original ideas, thoughts or comments, causing you to simply repeat back whatever is said to you.
4. The act of drinking your dinner as to save calories.
5. Accomplishing every sexually, legally and morally inappropriate feat at the age of 12.
1. "I'm supposed to meet up with that fat girl this weekend, but I'm definitely pulling a jayne on that one."
2. "Where the fuck am I?!?"
3. "What are you doing?" "What are YOU doing?"
4. "Food? Eh."
5. "...when I was 12."
by a questionable companion July 18, 2008
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