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"Pulling a Deckard": the art of shooting someone defenseless in the back, particularly if they are running away from the shooter.
I came up with this one myself; it is a reference to a sequence in the 1982 movie 'Blade Runner', where Deckard (Harrison Ford) pursues and guns down the 'Zhora' replicant (Joanna Cassidy).

"Pulling a Deckard" may also be used in past tense, for example:
"Whoa, did you see that cop? He just pulled a Deckard!!"
BUT it may not be used in future tense.

This is a fun one to use when watching other action films; it may also be used if a knife is thrown into someone's back, rather than them having been shot.
by Robert M. Cassidy September 05, 2006
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