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Pulling an Erbland (verb) the act of ignoring your friends, or leaving them at a social gathering after a period of time, in order to pursue girls you have no interest in, except for casual conversation. This act can be done immediately upon arrival or can be done after approximately five minutes of being with your friends. The perpetrator will always tell you he or she will return in a little bit, however this is never the case, you should just say your goodbyes at the moment of departure, because you will not see them for several days after they have "pulled an erbland."
man 1 "oh man whats up glad you came to the party"
man 2 "yeah bro thanks for the invite. ill be right back i just need to go say hello to (insert random person). Ill be right back."
man 1 "dude, don't pull an erbland!"
man 2 " nah bro ill be right back"
**If man 2 doesn't return, he is Pulling an Erbland.**
by AQlaxBRO September 15, 2010
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