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The phrase originates from Raul Moat a paranoid psychopathic who went on a killing spree believing that every one was against him because his girlfreind went off with another man.

The Phrase is used if a Man is on a night out and his advances to women are being repeatedly reppelled. This would then lead to the invidual getting uncontrollably angry, paranoid and would start to march around the venue hes in, in a frustated state, knocking into to people on his psychopathic rampage. In some cases the distressed individual would record voice notes and leave voicemails on womens phones. All this factors bare a remarkable Resemblance to Raul Moat thus the man is pulling a Moaty!
Past tense

Zak: "What were the voice notes about last night mate? are you ok?"
Shane: "Sorry mate I never got busy so I pulled another Moaty fucked my self over this time women were not impressed"

Present tense

Zak: " Shane whats wrong with you"
Shane: " Fuck sake You allways get busy sick of women I hate them"
Zak: " you pulling a moaty?"
Shane: " yeah"

Future tense

Shane: "Mullins on the hunt for tonight mate Ive got to get busy Manchester will make or break me"
Zak: "please dont pull another Moaty.
by Moaty man November 14, 2010
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