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Getting lucky kills while playing x-box with your friends and trying to obscenly rub it in their face. This is mostly done on Call of Duty by repeating "Did You watch the Kill Cam?" over and over again.
Jake: Ha I just killed you from across the map. Did you watch the Kill Cam?

Ryan: No Jake, i didn't watch the kill cam, I went on living my life you blazing homo. Stop pulling a Truckle
by a ninjamanbear April 19, 2009
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shrugging off your friends to txt/hangout with a girl you are not getting any from so much that your friends say that your either gay or you like her but you deny that you like her so you must be gay
dude this kid is so pulling a truckle right now. he is txting a sexy mofo that is only his "friend"
by jaketruckle June 18, 2009
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