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1.) Becoming incredibly drunk after just a few drinks and having either your friends, colleagues, or boss take your drink away
2.) Completing the following set of events (not necessarily in order):
a. Drinking entirely too much (especially at an event such as a wedding)
b. Almost falling down or into or out of something (such as falling into a sea while standing on a dock)
c. Passing out
d. Getting sick on someone (especially after they woke you up)
e. Getting sick on oneself
f. Requiring others to carry you to your home or hotel
g. Requiring others hold your head up as you vomit

h. Telling the people who have helped you that you love them
i. Waking up with less clothes on than you had when you passed out

Note: Once one has pulled a Sally then that person will be known as Sally until said person imbibes with someone to the point where the other person pulls a bigger Sally than one’s own Sally.
Dimitri: Sebastiaan really pulled a Sally at Muammer's wedding. He even got sick one me.
Zaher: Yeah, but at least he loves us. We all knew somone would be pulling a Sally.
by Hulk19 July 12, 2015
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