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When an individual is to "Pull a Pryce", this means that such person has just stated either the obvious and nobody around could give a fuck, or has just said something completely stupid and/or useless. Pulling a Pryce requires the convict to give $5 as an apology to the one who has called them out on it.

If the convict refuses to pay his fine, everyone around has the right to come up with a consequence, it shall be whatever is desired by the one who called the Pryce out.
Guy 1: "Yeah bro the game last night was amazing, you see that last goal?"
Guy 2: "Dude it was insane!"
Guy 3: "Oh shit a red car lmao."
Guy 2: "Oh buddy you owe me $5, you were just caught pulling a Pryce."
Guy 1: "Pay up buddy.
by MolestularTesticular May 06, 2019
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