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In honor of Nora Loreto's virtue signalling on the back of the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy. Pulling a Loreto is an attempt to piggyback or hijack a public mourning for ones own means. In the case that this is named after Loreto tweeted in solidarity with the victims, but then inserted a backhanded comment negating her shows of support by showing how her issue should get more resources and that it was inherently unfair the the Humboldt tragedy had united so many people behind it (especially with social media presence and donations).
Pulling a Loreto or Pulled a Loreto

Hank really pulled a Loreto when Stella's baby walked for the first time at the party and he yelled 'Look at how I can juggle'

Of course certain tragedies get more attention than others, but why does Cora always have to say 'Whatabout this inequality or this obscure loss of life that is far more of a signal that our society is unfair'
by GrizzleBot May 27, 2018
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