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Telling homies that your going to kick it with them then ignoring your calls/text intentionally.
2. Return your call/text 3 days later when it doesnt matter
Say my i come into town for a week and my homies are hitting me up but i ignore there calls intentionally and then call them 3 days later.. thats pulling a jc
by TheThizzle May 12, 2009
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In other words "pulling a Jesus Christ", is when you do a favor for someone so big that you suffer for it out of love.
Guy1:"dude my toilet is broken, and i don't have a plunger. Do you mind sticking your hand in there and unclogging it? you owe me
Guy 2: Fine, just know that i'm pulling a J.C for you
pulling a J.C
by ethan mills May 05, 2011
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