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When your triggered and rage quit mid-game, then remove and block everyone from your friends list. Its like rage quitting but for the biggest of losers and the ultra mega super gay.
1. Josh: "Yo Declan wanna play some Call of Duty?"
Declan: *Declan has left the party*
Josh: "Oh wow he just pulled a Declan."

2. Person 1: I tried inviting Joe to a game of League of Legends but I couldn't find him on my friends list."
Person 2: "Joe pulled a Declan last night and removed everyone from his friends list."

3. Person 1: "Steve raged when I beat him in a 1v1 yesterday and now I can't invite him to my party. Do you think he is pulling a Declan?"

Person 2: "Totally."
by Wheatboi July 24, 2018
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