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"Pulling a CT" is a seduction technique when at a party or social event, a person decides to follow a significant other into an empty restroom or closet to have a "1 on 1" party.


Not every one can "Pull a CT" it must be mastered and perfected before any attempt. Use with extreme caution and protection for full enjoyment.

Named after prodigal icon Christian Chavez, "Pullin a CT" is a risky maneuver but just as effective as "The Gusteau"
2 guys at a party

Guy1: "Dont look but that girl has been eye balling me all night long."

Girl passes the 2 gentlemen and heads into a room alone
Guy2: "What are you going to do?"
Guy1: Here hold my drink im Pulling a CT
by Dont attempt sober July 28, 2010
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