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When you think that your the most talented and valuable person alive because you have high stats in Call of Duty, when in reality no one gives a shit. You frequently call yourself a god and think that you can step on anyone you'd like. In other words, your stuck-up. People like this are generally sweaty tryhards without a life.
1. Brooks: "I AM A GOD! I just won that round of Call of Duty and you didn't do anything."
Declan: "No one gives a shit, stop pulling a Brooks."

2. Person 1: "My COD stats are better than you, get on my level u scrub."
Person 2: "I play for fun, not for stats you loser. Stop pulling a Brooks."

3. Person 1: "Carl was such a douchebag last night, he judged my real-life skills because of my Call of Duty stats. Who the hell does that?"
Person 2: "Don't worry about it, he just pulled a Brooks."
by Wheatboi July 24, 2018
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