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Saying something that is stupidly funny without realizing it in an oddly endearing way. Named after Amanda Black, who's nickname is Bitchy McChicken, often shortened to "B McC".
Example 1: Saying that you would punch out, spit on, and dangle someone off the balcony for forgetting what color your car is would classify "pulling a B McC"

Example 2: Screaming at someone, randomly, every fifteen minutes to "EAT SOME CHICKEN!!"

Example 3: Testing your level of intoxication by asking someone "Are we in love yet?"

Example 4: Calling your boyfriend fat and then stating that you believe you gave them an eating disorder

Example 5: After being unable to operate electronic door locks on a pick-up truck, proclaiming "I CAN'T WORK HER TRUCK!!"

Example 6: Incredulously asking someone if they like every single variety of onion and then forgetting and asking again two minutes later.

Example 7: Insulting someone then saying "I'm just kidding!" and then seconds later adding "...except I'm not"

Example 8: Telling someone they "suck at life"
by Jamie Max February 14, 2008
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