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1.Acting Like You Know Everything When You Actually Know Nothing.

2.A Blundering Sneak Thief

# 3.Someone Who Lies Compulsively

Someone Who Is A Virgin
Pulling A Duval Devon
1. Random #1- "did you hear that kid he knows nothing about playing any instruments" Random#2 "yea he told me he played on warped tour for years" Random #1 " yea he's totally Pulling A Devon From Duval"
2. Random #1 "hey man did you take my bottle of whiskey?" Random # 2 "no!" Random #1 " Then why is there an empty bottle of whiskey in your hand, your Pulling such a Devon From Duval!!"
3. Random #1 "yea I'm a world famous chef, i ran 5 world class kitchens in NYC" Random #2 "No you didn't you fucking liar you said this is your first kitchen job! Stop Pulling a Devon From Duval!"
by REDEYEZ March 29, 2015
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