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To self-destruct.
To cause one's self disgrace and shame.
To screw up big time because of arrogance.
To waste all effort with just one stupid mistake.

During World Cup 2010, they embarrassed themselves on the field with their disappointing showing (0-0 vs Uruguay, 0-2 vs Mexico and 1-2 vs South Africa), four years after they the world the enduring image of their star player head-butting an Italian in the 2006 final causing their defeat.

The team also refused to train after one of their players was sent home for insulting their coach after their game against Mexico. Even France president Nicolas Sarkozy waded into the controversy, blasting the squad’s attitude in a public tirade and sending his sports minister to South Africa to confront the players. Their elimination was almost expected.

It's enough they were bashed on that they didn’t deserve to be in the tournament in the first place, but for a proud football nation like France and for a squad featuring players from super clubs (like Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal) to be dumped out in such fashion from one of the tournament’s easiest groups (in front of the world) is an unspeakable humiliation.
He had everything going on for him. He had a beautiful girl, a good job waiting for him after college and a great future ahead. But he "pulled off a French"!

You are very talented and lucky. Just don't "pull off a French"!
by rudra007 June 23, 2010
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