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Attempt to scam, trick, or con someone without the person noticing. But Once the person being scamed finally realizes what's going on they acknowledge what just happened by saying

"they tried to pull a fast one on me" or

"Did you just try to pull a fast one on me"

This term can also be used if someone actually scamed you , tricked you ,robbed you etc. without you realizing it until after it happens

I was helping this guy out and he "pulled a fast one on me" He took all my money
(Girl #1) : My Co worker offered me 5.00 to take him home, so I gave him a ride...but he tried to "Pull a fast one on me "

(Girl #2): Why? what happened?

(Girl #1): He said he lost his five dollar bill
by Myke Nozam July 01, 2015
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