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When any company, preferably an animation company like Disney, Pixar, or even Dreamworks decides to make a sequel and/or 3rd movie. Pulling Off A Toy Story means the sequel is actually considered better if not just as good as the original or previous one.

Pulling Off A Toy Story needs to satisfy 1 of these 2 conditions:
1) People don't think a sequel can be better than the original and this one either is or is just as good.
2) The sequel comes out years (10 or more) after the previous one and not only completely shatters expectations but is considered better than the original by many (Toy Story 3).
Me: I still haven't seen Toy Story 3 :(
Imaginary Guy: Yeah. Every animated sequel will be judged based on whether they Pull Off A Toy Story or not.

Some think Lion King 2 Pulled Off A Toy Story even though it was a direct-to-video low budget movie like 1 1/2 is. Others just consider it another disappointing Disney Sequel.

Hmmm. I wonder if we should call it Puling Off A Toy Story 3 for accuracy's sake.

Some variations include Pulling Off A Toy Story, Pulling Off A Toy Story 3, Pulled Off A Toy Story, and Pulled Off A Toy Story.
by imajustacontributer April 11, 2011
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