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To seem as if one has completely lost a battle at first, but eventually defeats the opponent with an unexpected comeback, luring the opponent into false hope.

Refers to the Belgium vs Japan World Cup 2018 round of 16 match where Belgium won 3-2, yet Japan was once up 2-0 before conceding three straight goals to close the game. Japan thought they had it.
Example 1

Andy: Bro, did you study for the test?

Brad: Nah man, I barely read the materials..

Andy: Me too. Just gotta let it flunk
Brad: Yeah, couldn't agree more..

Andy: What did you get?

Brad: Ummm... A
*Andy gets an F*

Andy: Damn bro, is this what you call flunking?
Charlie: That's how you pull a belgium on someone
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by nw0205 July 02, 2018
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