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1. May refer to any item that induces vomitting. This can be something disgusting, such as puke. This could also cause vomitting chemically, similar to the use of epicap. In the case of Vomit Comet, this would be similar, however the substance of digestional disturbance would be a solid rather than a liquid

2. Also sometimes refers to the vomit expelled from a person who has not eaten much food lately. This gives the vomit little thickness, thus resulting in a watery juice-like fluid. (Puke Juice)

3.The stream of vomit emmited when someone is in the process of puking. (Vomit Comet)

4. May also occasionally refer to puke that is forceful enough to actually force the head of the puker backward (in extreme circumstances). (Vomit Comet)
Person 1: Hey, have you ever taken the 1 gallon of milk challenge?

(Approximately fifteen minutes later)

Person 2: Great, now there's puke juice all over my kitchen floor.. Why did you say this would be a good idea??

Puke Juice (sometimes Vomit Comet). Sorry, UD said I had to include the word.
by YourMom'sBoyfriend February 15, 2011
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