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A foul creature who ascended from the depth of Hell to do the Devil's work. A revolting being possessing a razor sharp beak who is also an avid supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. This hideous leviathan has the same power of the mythical beast Medusa in that if you lay eyes upon it, your penis and eyes erupt with a noxious gray gas reeking of malt liquor and cigarette smoke. Overall, a hideous being!
Guy 1: Oh man, did you see Pugfugs the other night at the bar?
Guy 2: Yeah, my dick and eyeballs exploded and now i smell like shit.
Guy 3: Fuck Pugfugs
by Mc Boner October 16, 2008
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A satanic, foul smelling, unfortunate looking creature who has risen from the depths of hell.

It's features include: albino scales, black lungs, a stone cold heart, and a razorsharp beak.
"Jesus Christ, that pugfugs looks like two-can Sam on meth!!"
by Andrew Idiart October 15, 2008
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(noun) a person or thing that is pug fugly
"why are you going out with him?! he's a total pug fug!"
by annerzzz May 02, 2005
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