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This syndrome occurs when a man and woman are married and they get too complacent with the woman giving the man a blow job every day. The husband gets lazy and tries to get away with letting out a small silent puff of fart gas either just before or during the blowjob with his wife's face down there working it. The wife recognizes the stench right away and angrily calls a halt to the job, leaving the whole situation in limbo and the man to take care of the job himself. Sometimes this is done intentionally by the husband when his wife is doing a shitty job and he would rather go jack off to porn. Hurt feelings and broken marriages often arise out of this ugly situation.

This technique was nurtured in the Cleveland, Ohio area due to the long winters and its large number of depressed frumpy wifes.
Man, that blue cheese from those wings caused me to puff the grumpy ass dragon and wrecked the fun last night. I had to fly solo.
by Aaron Sad June 10, 2008
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