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Passing out Drunk or from downers usually in public and becoming a gelatinous squishy blob on the floor or ground soaking up what ever spilled drinks, piss, dew, rainwater,ect that are in the vicinity are said to be Puddled the fuck out. Can also be used to describe some one getting knocked the hell out.
Most Alcoholics and Fratboys Puddle out from time to time. David Hasselhoff, That dude grabbed my girls tit so I puddled his ass out. I gotta go home I'm Puddling out.
Dude got in my face so I puddled out his ass.

I drank a 1/5 and took a couple trazadones, I puddled the hell out.

I woke up in the alley behind the bar, damn I must of puddled out.

What usually follows being schwilly.
by Belial 7809 March 06, 2009
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