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A heterosexual feminazi pseudo-prude who hates men but still wants sex with them - provided it is vaginal only in the missionary position, thinks her shit doesn't stink, ascribes horrible personal character flaws to any guy who has ever shown interest in her, dated her, fucked her, or inevitably split from her, and badmouths those guys to every one she knows every chance she gets.

Pud shuckers never take responsibility and are always victims... even when they cause a break-up by messing around.

Beware of chicks on on dating sites who use keywords like "looking for a real man" - they are probably pud shuckers.
I saw you looking at Jacqui B. the other night. Don't go messing with her. She's a pud shucker... every ex boyfriend she's ever had is a psycho stalker or kiddy diddler.
by Jafr2 January 15, 2009
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