A school system that full of exaggerated claims, false hopes, and empty promises. The American public school system is a shitty school system. It is a school system that take in billions of dollars annually, pays no income taxes, and always needs more money. Public school education easily has the biggest bullshit story in the world. With that said most kids would agree that the American public school education system is completely incompetent and just doesn't even give a fuck. They don't give a fuck about kids. If everyone knew that than the American public school education system would be out on the loving, caring ass a long time ago.
This is why a homemaker cannot hold a candle to a high school principal. When it comes to believing in anything public school education says I tried. I really did try. I really did try to believe that public school education was the best education system in the world, I found out that public school education is nothing more that total bullshit. This is why I have a hostile view towards the American public school education system.
by Viscount Druitt February 10, 2020
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