Australian term, often used by the media, to describe the collective opinion of the everyday Australians to the conduct and reputation of public figures such as elected officials and celebrities, or to current events. In many cases "the pub test" is a device employed by journalists to invoke the "temperature" of an issue among the general public, without actually engaging with members of the public. In other cases, journalists may canvas the patrons of a pub in order to elicit public opinion, while also providing a humorous flavour to their story by including quotes from or footage of inebriated patrons.
The general consensus is that deputy prime minister's decision to leave his wife and children for a young woman on his staff, failed the 'pub test' among most Australians.
by Chicago Oz February 14, 2018
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In Australia, the Pub Test is a measurement of your general knowledge of current events, politics and sport.
That person is so thick they'd fail the pub test.
by Martybartfast January 18, 2017
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