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A very strategic wing-man move that requires much talent and fineness. As a wing-men (or wing-women) it is our job to get our friend one-on-one time with the girl/guy of their desire. The art of Pterodactyl-ing is a basic maneuver that involves coxing away the friends and other potential cock blocks of the guy or girl your friend happens to be interested in. The key is to be subtle, swift, and effective as to not give away your motives. If done correctly, your best friend will have ample time with the person they are trying to impress/take home and just like that my friend you have swooped in and carried all distractions away on your wing. Hence the phrase pterodactyl-ing.
John: "Man, I saw you pull all those girls away from your boy so he could seal the deal with Sarah."

Todd:"yeah man, I straight pterodactyled that bitch.
by dactylethatho January 09, 2013
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