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A mental condition where a person’s personality seems to have been split into two opposite and distinct behavioral patterns emerging randomly. The condition consists of mutually exclusive bipartition of the psyche; one side of the split psyche is void of empathy, conscience or concern and utilizes poor impulse control, the other side of the psyche contains empathy, caring, concern and the impulse control.
A person with this condition will interact and react changeably (between psyches’) to any given set of circumstances defying logic and, in many cases, common sense. The reactions and decisions of a person with this condition are difficult to predict and without pattern, i.e. it’s a coin toss as to which side of the psyche you’ll get.
Example 1: When the boss sends you an e-mail stating that he/she will be visiting your site and letting people go due to poor performance and to save money. Then, upon arrival, instead of letting people go he/she guarantees them that they will keep their jobs for at least another year.

Example 2: When your friend Joe tells you how much he hates Tom, so much so that he will rip him a new ass the next time he sees him; then when Joe meets up with Tom, Joe acts like he’s not even angry and actually feels sorry for Tom. A few days later Joe tells you again how much he hates Tom and when they meet up again Joe kicks his ass.

If you know people who are like that they have a condition called Psychotomy.
by DTaylor June 25, 2007
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