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The fact of being so sympathetic that it is leads to inconceivable acts of love, forgiveness and trust to people that really do not deserve it.

A psychosympathetic person is usually incredibly naive.

In urban psychology psychosympathy is called the "Mister Happy-face Syndrom"
1) Brad: How come Andy still likes his little cousin Dan? He has bitten, him destroyed his toys and pulled him into mud!

Janet: He must be psychosympathetic... We should talk to him about it.

2) Ted: Brian is so psychosympathetic that he can say such nonsense as "You know, if politicians lie, they must have reasons! I think we should trust them more, if they are where they are it is not because they seek power but because they want to help the nation and the world."

Jeff: And which politician were you talking about?


3) The priest in the danish movie "Adam's Apples" is at first psychosympathetic (but not only).
by Adam Nonymus October 26, 2009
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