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PSY-CHO-NEG-RO-SIS (c 1960s): A mental disorder affecting the spirit, personality, motives and actions of Negroes who have failed to rid themselves of the psychological ills they've accrued from their collective experience with Foreigners. Marked by a distorted ideal of Self and Others, Psychonegrosis results in unnatural patterns of perception, logic, thought, speech, behavior and emotional expression, and is accompanied by various other unnatural dispositive manifestations (such as, but not limited to, self-group deprecation, the championing of non-Black ideas, conversion to non-Black religions, xenophilia ...esp. Anglo-centric xenophilia, cognitive dissonance, sexual deviation, escapism, dual or double-consciousness, conflicting loyalties, and unscrupulous Liberalism) --differing in degrees of severity from one individual to another.

The main thrust of Psychonegrosis causes Black people to be unreasonable, contradictory, and utterly dependent upon the culture, products, charity, aid, sympathy and or conscience of Other Peoples, especially of White Peoples.
The term PSY-CHO-NEG-RO-SIS was coined in the mid-1960s by the late Robert H. deCoy in his groundbreaking book "THE NIGGER BIBLE," (Copyright 1967) Pages 33, and 169.
The actual term was coined in the mid-1960s by the late Robert H. deCoy where he postulated:
"NEG-RO... A white Nigger. Or a brainwashed Black who would be a Caucasian if possible. "THE NEGRO"... To be consciously "Negro" is to be nothing but a "State of Mind," constantly in turmoil and conflict with your natural "State of Being," Blackness. "Negro" is but the outgrowth of a contagious Mental Anemia, which ravishes the brain of our Black-kind. Scientists have adopted my name for it: "Psy-cho-neg-ro-sis." A nervous disorder of mental origin, resulting from anxiety, frustration, and failure to become transformed from Black people into white." ("THE NIGGER BIBLE," Robert H. deCoy (Copyright 1967) Pages 33, and 169).
However, with our greater understanding of the disorder, we were forced to revise Robert H. deCoys definition.

Blacks/Africans WORSHIP other peoples gods, wear other peoples clothes, chase other peoples women, speak other peoples languages, and even place more value on non-Black life than on Black life by engaging in the killing of Black people but thoroughly refraining from even offending the sensibilities of other peoples; such is the outgrowth of pshchonegrosis.

Blacks/Africans fight assiduously for policies and interests (Abortion, the Homosexual-Agenda, Interracial-relationships, Feminism, etc.) which will clearly bring about their own undoing; such are the outgrowths of psychonegrosis.
by The Last of the Black Men June 12, 2013
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