A girl who obsessively messages her boyfriend every waking second. She will freak out if he tries to have a normal life that involves not being free to use his phone at any moment. Normally the europe test is administered to test for a psychotic girlfriend.
Bob: "Dude, I heard that your girlfriend might be psycho..you ready to administer the europe test?"
Joe: "Man, fuck the europe test, that girl freaked out within twelve hours. I dumped her last night..She was vacationing in colorado, and kept trying to say I was 'choosing my friends over her' I'm like 'Bitch, you're a thousand miles away, I'm going to the beach.'"
Bob: "That's good. You don't want to get stuck with a psycho girlfriend."
by joseph87 June 9, 2013
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A culmination of many cultural nuances in Asiatic culture that results in the psychological warping of a young women's mind. Any soul unfortunate enough to get stuck dating one is in turn subjected to twisted mind games, which they often choose to bear with because the partner is both 1) hot and 2) asian.
"So she wants to be alone? And she was kinda testing you to see what you would say by moving away and asking for an open relationship? Sounds like hot psycho asian girlfriend mindgames to me..."

by rockyourjon October 6, 2004
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